The new face of London escorts

We are moving to new offices soon, and I can’t believe how much hard work it is, says Sara from London escorts. I have been the Madame at this agency for the last five years, and we just have so much to do. The agency itself has been in business for 16 years and during that time we have accumulated a lot of stuff. The owner, Tony, is also trying to go through as much stuff as he can. We have bought a shredder, so anything that we don’t need can be shredded and taken away. It is really the only way to do it.

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It is a bit unsettling for the girls who work as London escorts as well. They are worried that the phone numbers are not going to work. I can understand that as this is after all how most of our escorts get business. We do have email, but a lot of gents are reluctant to make their arrangements by email. They prefer speaking to someone on the phone. Well, I hope it is going to go smoothly as well. We are carrying our trusted mobile with us all of the time, so they can always call us on that.

We are taking this opportunity to give London escorts a bit of a makeover. The girls are having new photos taken and they web site will look different as well. Most of the girls are really pleased about it, but change is not always easy. The girls who have been with us for a long time are used to the way things look, but we really want to give the agency a more modern image. It will be good for the girls as they have acquired a lot of skills during their time with us here in London.

There are some points that we are not making enough of at London escorts. A lot of the girls have trained to do special massages, and this is not being mentioned on the web site. A lot of the gents who use the agency on a regular basis do know about our massage service, but what about the local gents who don’t know. These are all important points, and I am sure that the new look web site will bring in a lot of business. Many London agencies have after all updated their web sites, it is about time we did so as well.

One thing I am really looking forward to is to have my own office. At the moment, I sort of sit with the front desk girls which is fine, but it is nice with some privacy. I would like all of the girls who work for London escorts to be able to come in and talk to me. It is nice to be able to sit down and have a chat. As it is I have to kick Tony out of his office when a girl wants a personal chat. All in all we are about to become more professional.

A London Escort Reads 50 Shades Of Grey

A friend of mine read Fifty shades of Grey and says that it has completely changed her life, says Linda from a London escort agency. I have read the book and I have seen the movie, says Linda, but I can say that I have had some sort of life changing experience. As a matter of fact, I can’t see what all of the hype is about, and I think that the book and the movie are both overstated. I suggested to some of the girls at the London escorts agency that I work for that we right a book, I am sure that we can do better.

To tell you the truth, I am sure that many a London escort could get together and write better books. Some of the girls at the London escorts agency that I work for, are really well educated and I am sure that they would be able to pull of a book. I am not so sure what we would call but I am certain that we could tell you some exciting tales, says Linda and loves. Most of the girls that I know at London escorts date some interesting people, and you could use their stories but disguise their identities.

E-book publishing is very popular these days, and I think that I might even look into that. I think it would be kind of cool to help out with a book. Maybe I am not the only girl working for London escorts services who are thinking about doing this. It would be great if other London escorts came forward, and that we could perhaps write a chapter each. The book does not have to be pornographic, it could just be about the many different adventures that a London escort run into during their working day here in London.

I might even suggest the idea to my boss here at my London escort agency. It could be about the positive side of working as London escorts, and about some of the crazy things that happens here on a regular basis. I am not qualified to judge literary experience , but I do know a bit about escorting. There is no way I would want to expose any of the fine gents that I date, I would just want people to see us London escorts in a slightly different light. It would be cheeky but truthful at the same time.

I can’t see how Fifty Shades of grey changed a person’s life, but maybe it is true. Speaking to my friend, I think that she goes about her life in her normal way, so I think that she is exaggerating a little bit. Whenever we talk, she is with the same guy and they are always doing the same things behind closed doors. So, how did it changed her life? I think it may have changed her attitude to a lot of things, but I certainly don’t think that it has changed her life. It certainly did not change mine, and I don’t know of anyone’s life who has been affected by it apart from the author’s life. She has made lots of money!