I blogged about my life at Surbiton escorts, and became an internet sensation

I have to hold my hands up and say that I am not very much of a television person. There are some things that I like to watch, but in general, I get rather bored with the TV. I watch Breaking Bad but that is about it. News and stuff like that you can check out online, and that is mainly what I do. Most of the time I surf the net, and I am may even blog a little. A couple of months ago, I got into blogging in a big way, and started to blog about my life at Surbiton escorts.

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It was a rather honest account of a day in my life at Surbiton escorts. I had not expected the blog to become popular, but it turned out to be very popular and especially a lot of ladies seemed to enjoy reading it. You may imagine that I was pleasantly surprised and I decided to carry on blogging about some of the gentlemen I met at the agency, and my colleagues as well. I even set up social media accounts and gained a lot of followers very quickly.

Within a couple of weeks, I noticed that I had 30,000 people following me on Twitter. A large proportion were women who were just interested in my life as an escort at Surbiton escorts. They often commented on my blog, and many even got in touch. Some of them wanted relationship advice, others wanted to have beauty tips. My blog just grew and grew, and in the end, it became a blog about beauty and relationships. I still talked about my career with Surbiton escorts, but it became a side line.

The only problem was that I as not very smart about it. One of the girls I worked with told me to set up some affiliate accounts and look for advertisers. I was rather naïve still, and could not see the benefits of having that sort of thing on my Surbiton escorts blog. But I gave in and started to add advertisers and affiliate sales. I could not believe it when the money started to role in and lining my pockets. It felt good and I finally appreciated that I was rather a good blogger.

After about a year, I decided to leave Surbiton escorts and become a full time blogger. I was 27 years old and getting a bit tired of working late at night at the agency. Blogging seemed like a good career choice for me, and I started to work really hard on another blogs. Today, I am a full time blogger and I am making a lot of money from my business. Do I love it? I really do, and as far as I am concerned, it is the perfect career choice for me. I am not going to give it up, and in the future, I am planning even more blogs. I did not have a clue that I could actually become an internet sensation.

At the age of 13, I’d never read any erotica – until I discovered Hermione/Ginny fan fiction – New Statesman

At the age of 13, I'd never read any erotica – until I discovered Hermione/Ginny fan fiction
New Statesman
It's probably not much of a surprise that, at the age of 13, I'd never read any erotica. For starters, I didn't grow up in the eighteenth century and dribblingly devour Fanny Hill behind a harpsichord. Not only that though, but – as far as I can

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Chicago-based ‘Potterotica’ is the Harry Potter erotica podcast you didn’t know you needed – Time Out Chicago (blog)

Time Out Chicago (blog)

Chicago-based 'Potterotica' is the Harry Potter erotica podcast you didn't know you needed
Time Out Chicago (blog)
If you're of a certain age, you likely spent a portion of your pre-teen years hoping, waiting and praying for an owl to drop a Hogwarts acceptance letter at your door. Maybe you even imagined attending wizarding classes. Perhaps you dreamed of hanging

‘Harry Potter’ erotica makes its Chicago debut with ‘Potterotica’ live – Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

'Harry Potter' erotica makes its Chicago debut with 'Potterotica' live
Chicago Tribune
With “Sorcerer's Stone” turning 20 this year, its no surprise that the boy who lived has received the grown-up treatment in the form of erotic fan fiction—erotica, for short. That's the premise of Chicago-based podcast, “Potterotica,” hosted by

The new face of London escorts

We are moving to new offices soon, and I can’t believe how much hard work it is, says Sara from https://escortsinlondon.sx London escorts. I have been the Madame at this agency for the last five years, and we just have so much to do. The agency itself has been in business for 16 years and during that time we have accumulated a lot of stuff. The owner, Tony, is also trying to go through as much stuff as he can. We have bought a shredder, so anything that we don’t need can be shredded and taken away. It is really the only way to do it.

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It is a bit unsettling for the girls who work as London escorts as well. They are worried that the phone numbers are not going to work. I can understand that as this is after all how most of our escorts get business. We do have email, but a lot of gents are reluctant to make their arrangements by email. They prefer speaking to someone on the phone. Well, I hope it is going to go smoothly as well. We are carrying our trusted mobile with us all of the time, so they can always call us on that.

We are taking this opportunity to give London escorts a bit of a makeover. The girls are having new photos taken and they web site will look different as well. Most of the girls are really pleased about it, but change is not always easy. The girls who have been with us for a long time are used to the way things look, but we really want to give the agency a more modern image. It will be good for the girls as they have acquired a lot of skills during their time with us here in London.

There are some points that we are not making enough of at London escorts. A lot of the girls have trained to do special massages, and this is not being mentioned on the web site. A lot of the gents who use the agency on a regular basis do know about our massage service, but what about the local gents who don’t know. These are all important points, and I am sure that the new look web site will bring in a lot of business. Many London agencies have after all updated their web sites, it is about time we did so as well.

One thing I am really looking forward to is to have my own office. At the moment, I sort of sit with the front desk girls which is fine, but it is nice with some privacy. I would like all of the girls who work for London escorts to be able to come in and talk to me. It is nice to be able to sit down and have a chat. As it is I have to kick Tony out of his office when a girl wants a personal chat. All in all we are about to become more professional.

Berkshire escorts – are you kinky


A lot of dates presume that all escorts are kinky but that isn’t really true. But I have to say that Berkshire escorts are some of the kinkiest escorts in London, and a lot of gents like to date Berkshire escorts because of their kinky factor so to speak, I was browsing through a couple of Berkshire escorts agency web site the other day, and I noticed that some of the girls had a “kinkiest rating”. I am not so sure what that means, but it certainly seems like Berkshire escorts are a bit kinky.


Serial dater Joe said that he has dated a few Berkshire escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/berkshire-escorts, and he would say that they are kinkier than other ladies that he has met in the escorts business in London. Not only that he says, they are really hot and open minded as well. Whenever Joe fancies dating a kinky girl, he always nips down to Berkshire for a bit of kinky dating.




Theresa is probably one of the kinkiest escorts in Berkshire, and she seems to be into almost every fetish you can dream of. First of all, Theresa collects nipple clamps and she just loves to show off her collection. She has always collected a lot of sex toys but it is only recently that she got into collecting nipple clamps.


She discovered that nipple clamps can make her feel really good, and when she is having sex with her boyfriends, she always make them put a pair of nipple clamps on her. Theresa likes the adjustable ones that you can adjust as you play, she says that many of these nipple clamps can help to give her multiple orgasms. Of course, like any lady she likes to come time and time again, so I can see her point here.


She also an amazing collections of vibrator that she likes to talk about. It is hard to believe but Theresa has actually named a lot of her vibrators, and asks her boyfriends which one they would like to play with. The world of sex with Theresa must be a bit bizarre for some of her boyfriends, but I guess they are getting use to it.


Theresa also likes sex furniture, and has decorated her spare bedroom with lots of different sex furniture. You can see that she has spent a lot of money on her sex furniture, and for someone who is in to that it must be worthwhile. For me, it looks like a bit much and I don’t think that I would have spend that sort of money on sex furniture. After all, you can’t really buy it at IKEA.


Kinky sex can be an important part of someone’s life or it can completely take over your life. Theresa is a really nice escort but I think her kinky side has taken over. I know that she enjoys sex but I think that she has allowed it to dominate her life. I am not sure that letting kinky sex dominate your life is entirely a good thing.

There is a NSFW podcast that talks about Harry Potter erotica – Wizards and What Not

Wizards and What Not

There is a NSFW podcast that talks about Harry Potter erotica
Wizards and What Not
Harry Potter fan fiction is all over the place but now there is a podcast out there for the erotica that exists and it is interesting. Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush, and Danny Chapman started a podcast that touches on the Harry Potter fan fiction you

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Hotel room erotica becoming new intimate showroom for virtual reality – Travel Daily News International

Hotel room erotica becoming new intimate showroom for virtual reality
Travel Daily News International
As hotels continue to seek ways to recoup revenue from outdated television erotica services that has been lost to newer tablets, laptops and mobile devices thanks to the proliferation of Internet porn, the new advances in VR technology are becoming an …

Wear it for you not for him



Ladies are often being encouraged to wear something special for their men. That is nice, but I am not sure that it works. I love sexy lingerie, but I am not sure that you should wear it for him. If you wear for yourself instead, you may find that you feel a lot sexier. Personally that is what I do these days and I do feel sexier, says Lucy from Tower Bridge Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/tower-bridge-escorts.


Feeling sexy is often about feeling confident. Like all other ladies, I do have certain hang ups about my body. When I stand in front of the mirror, there are certain parts of my body that I look at, and think that I don’t like. I am aware that some of it is my head, but speaking to my colleagues here at Tower Bridge Escorts, I know we all do that. We just stand there and look at our bodies. I am sure that most ladies out there could tell me at least one or two things that they don’t like about their bodies. Often gents don’t see these minor details, so I would not try to worry about them too much. However, this is easier said than done.


Being critical about your own body is something typically feminine. Men do it as well, but I don’t think that they do it to the same extent. None of the gents that I date here at Tower Bridge Escorts have perfect bodies, but I cannot see any of them standing in the front of the mirror looking at this and that. They may look at their tummies but I think that is about it. Us ladies, we look at our legs, bums and tummies. Needless to say we look at our breasts. Picking up imperfections is something that women are very good.


All of these little imagined or real imperfections, are what give us poor confidence when it comes to taking our clothes off. This is why it is so important that we can find the lingerie which we feel comfortable. I know that gents may want to see triple push up bras and g-strings, but if that does not make you feel confident, you should not wear it. There is plenty of nice looking underwear and lingerie out there without you having to resort to something which may fit a teenager. It is better to buy something which suits you.


When I had my publicity photos done for Tower Bridge Escorts, I made sure that I wore something that suited me. That allowed me to interact with the camera much better and made me feel good about myself. When I look at my Tower Bridge Escorts photos, I can tell that I look relaxed. Altogether, I think that gives a much better projection of me as an escort and I think that I look attractive. In other words, wear what you like and whatever makes you feel good, ladies. Just a few words of advice from a girl who spends a lot of her time in lingerie.